Ibiza is an island of deeply affecting beauty. From the terracotta-hued soil and the vibrant green pine forest, to the brilliant blue sky and the technicolour wonder of wildflowers, every corner of this enchanted Balearic rock is postcard perfect and once discovered, few are able to resist its undeniable charms. It’s why we decided to create Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay on the shores of Talamanca, and it’s why we also believe it’s important to take a central role in protecting the island’s natural landscape – we’re intent on ensuring Ibiza remains as spectacular as it is today well into the future, particularly when it comes Posidonia, the underwater plants that lie beneath the sparkling surface of the Mediterranean.

Posidonia Oceanica is a seagrass species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and a vital component of Ibiza’s fragile marine ecosystem. The flowering plant forms vast meadows in sand channels beneath the sea’s surface, helping to clean the water, producing huge amounts of oxygen, and providing a home for all kinds of weird and wonderful sea creatures, while also preventing coastal erosion. This living, breathing mass of life is thought to be thousands of years old – some is dated as far back as 100,000 years – and consequently, is enormously valuable for the wellbeing of the waters surrounding Ibiza, to the extent that it is UNESCO World Heritage protected.

And yet, Posidonia remains under threat. Increased tourism on the island and the surrounding Balearics means the meadows are at the mercy of yacht anchors, bilge water and pollution. So for the first time in decades, the species is in decline – and whereas the presence of Posidonia is usually a marker for a lack of contamination, its dwindling numbers ironically suggest that the Mediterranean is buckling under the pressure of those who come with the intention of admiring it. Though largely not done on purpose, a lack of awareness is resulting in damage and if we don’t act now, vast swathes of Posidonia will be lost for good.

With this in mind, we’re partnering with the much lauded Ibiza Preservation Foundation and fashion label Love Brand & Co this summer on a project that will not only raise awareness of the issue, but help raise money towards a solution. Dubbed the Posidonia Project, our collective aim is to protect this vitally important ecosystem from any further damage. As most Ibiza lovers know, Ibiza Preservation Foundation sits at the heart of these efforts, and is already spearheading a series of initiatives to safeguard the plant’s future. The team, spearheaded by marine biologist Manu San Félix are responsible for mapping the Posidonia around Ibiza, which provides a clear picture of the current size and state of the meadows. They’re supporting the development of a map to guide safe boat anchoring; providing advice on the construction of underwater pipelines; calling for improved treatment of waste water; and creating a children’s education program to arm future generations with knowledge. Basically, they are superheroes, minus the capes.

Naturally, extensive strategies like these require funding, which is where Love Brand & Co (and Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay!) comes in. Not content with creating timeless fashion for men and kids, this respected label places conservation efforts at the heart of everything it does – pledging 5% of company revenue to worthwhile projects all around the world. Dedication to vulnerable species and habitats has historically seen the brand make a positive impact at a range of sites across the globe, and now it’s Ibiza’s turn. Cue the applause.

Love Brand & Co founder Oliver Tomalin has taken the natural beauty of Posidonia and translated it to art. Inspired by Posidonia’s role in oxygen production and habitat, he created a round, lung-like shape, which is repeated on material to form an elegant, energetic print, brought alive by the vibrant blues of the sea. The print is available in the form of 100% organic linen shirts, and recycled polyester swim shorts – available exclusively to purchase at in our boutique, Almacén. We’re absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile project and if you aren’t here in Ibiza to snap up a pair, don’t worry – they’re also available to buy online through the Love Brand & Co website.

For us, local conservation plays a fundamental role in our identity. More than just a five-star, luxury resort, we’re invested in the communities and environment in which we choose to lay our foundations, and so it’s extremely important to us – and our guests – that we protect what makes Ibiza so indescribably special. The Posidonia Project is just one way to do that, and it’s an initiative that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. Working alongside two such trailblazing brands, we feel we can all really make a difference.

Once you’ve touched down on Ibiza soil, breathed in the air, bathed in the sun, and swum in the staggeringly clear waters, the importance of the Posidonia Project becomes even more clear. Here is an ecosystem that’s thousands and thousands of years old that not only keeps the waters looking pretty, but more importantly, offers a safe breeding space for innumerable species. Through education, mapping, and conservation, we have the power to ensure Posidonia’s longevity. So before you head to the beach next summer, pop to our Almacén and pledge to buy an item of stylish Love Brand & Co clothing for the men in your life – they also make a fantastic souvenir for friends back home. Ibiza gives us many gifts – let’s take time to return the favour.