Born in France but raised in Ibiza, Tania has a deep knowledge of the island and its fashion whims. A long-time super fan of John Frieda products and styling, Tania manages the brand’s Ibiza outpost here at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. After completing her studies in hairdressing in Barcelona, Tania’s calm manner, meticulous worth ethic and natural sense of style saw her start her career at the top in some of the best salons in Spain.

Tania’s position at the John Frieda Salon in Ibiza was a confirmation of everything she has worked for. “They were interested in someone who had lots of experience, not only in hairdressing but also in hotels. The combination was perfect,” she says. “For the brand, they got a stylist with a lot of experience who also knows the island very well. And for me, I got to join a fantastic team and work with products I adore, for a brand with an amazing global reputation.” It’s a match made in stylist heaven.

Tania and her hand-picked stylists form a tight-knit team, with reinforcements coming in from the John Frieda London salon during high season. “It’s always great to get stylists coming in from the UK,” she says. “They bring a dose of London energy and it’s a lot of fun.” Our eclectic clientele fly in from all corners of the globe and are one of the factors that make Tania love her job. “I love it when people come in because they already use our products or go to a John Frieda salon in their home city,” she says. “It’s such an amazing mix of cultures that meet up in Ibiza – everyone is on holiday and in a good mood.”

One of the best things about the Ibiza branch is that locals now have a constant source of Color Wow products. “My personal favourite is the Color Wow Kale Infused Dream Cocktail,” says Tania about the latest line of hi-tech easy to use styling products. “I use it every day. My hair is very fine and it’s the perfect product for me. It’s very light, but gives me a lot more volume – it’s very protective.”

Having previously worked in world-renowned five-star hotels, Tania has an eagle-eye for the different styles that emerge in different locations. “Ibiza has its own style, its own characteristics and when people come here on holiday they love to slip into that style,” she explains. “It’s all about being relaxed, taking your time and enjoying your holiday. And it’s a very different vibe to London or New York.” She sees a unique style materialising out of the chilled but chic attitudes of the island. “We’re doing a lot of casual styles such as loose braids, with accessories. They are very ‘in’ right now. Also, beachy waves are popular; it’s all very loose and relaxed.”

Helping clients prepare for a special day or night out is particularly joyful for Tania and her team. “I love being involved in helping people create their story,” she explains. “In those moments, there’s a kind of creative exchange between the stylist and the client.” Of course, in Ibiza every day and night is special but Tania has some important advice for hair care on the white isle. “When you are going to the beach or pool every day, you need to wash your hair a lot,” she says. “It’s important to use a shampoo with the right Ph. balance. I also advise using a solar protector, such as the Color Wow Pop & Lock, wearing hats and using a deeper treatment once a week. Your hair is just like your skin. We are so used to protecting our skin – don’t forget your hair!”

Walking into the John Frieda Salon at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is instantly calming. Tania creates a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere; the perfect ambience for creative experimentation under the guidance of her steady and capable hands. “Coming to the salon should be an indulgence,” she says. “I make sure people feel comfortable, relaxed and cared for. They should always feel special.” That feeling stems from the clear joy Tania received from her work. “I love everything about my job. I enjoy every single moment of my day.”