John Frieda was already well known in the 1980s as the hairstylist du jour in the hallowed world of fashion editors, supermodels and celebrities, then in 1990 a product launch transformed him into the patron saint of frizz. Frizz Ease is still number one in its class and can be found in beauty tool kits from London to Paris and Sydney and back again.


Frieda now has four eponymous salons in London and New York, those who know the mane man were not surprised to see him set up shop in Ibiza too. Frieda is known as a long-time Ibiza lover – in fact, his villa on the island is increasingly becoming his permanent home base.


When it came to choosing a location for his Ibiza salon, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay ticked all the right boxes – a magnificent location right on the bay within a five-star luxury hotel whose brand is just as respected as his own. Situated on the outer promenade of the resort, John Frieda salon, Ibiza is a petite oasis decked out in the brand’s signature muted palette, where three experienced leading stylists are on hand to offer a full-service experience to guests, island residents and holidaymakers from around the world. From a simple cut and style to colour, intensive treatments and styling for special events or just because it’s Ibiza’s premium hair salon and won’t stay a secret for long.


Ibiza has always possessed its own style, never conforming to what’s trending in the rest of the world and the services at the John Frieda Salon reflect the eclectic clientele and island experience – though of course, fashionistas with their fingers on the pulse can rest assured, the team are trained up on all the latest international trends. The ‘just left the beach’ look has always been a classic and these days, John Frieda stylists are complementing salty waves with relaxed braids that cascade across the shoulder. Ibiza’s bohemian nights may require something a little more refined, or a little crazier, depending on what your plans are. Accessories are on point and if you love to play around with beads, crystals and feathers, our stylists can’t wait to get their expertly trained hands on your locks.


It’s interesting to know that John Frieda has always promoted healthy hair above fashion. The brand’s products were created in a lab and formulated to address common problems in the most effective way possible. Frizz Ease was revolutionary, and now with Color Wow, the product range is a one-stop-shop for happy, healthy, beautiful hair. Obviously Color Wow used in the salon – and it’s available to purchase in case you haven’t packed your own – and the company has been busy creating all-new, technologically advanced lines under the stewardship of John Frieda’s long term business partner and hair guru Gail Federici.


Hair suffers just as much as skin here in Ibiza during the summer – even more so, as it’s often subject to layers of product, heat styling and colour. Color Wow is a range of products designed to protect, promote and nourish your mane, and the first step in protecting your tresses from the ravages of age, sun and pollution is to use a sun-protecting factor – yes, sunscreen for your hair. Color Wow Pop and Lock delivers epic shine, controls the effects of humidity, locks in colour and contains UV filters protecting hair from the harsh rays of the sun – it’s almost like it was designed specifically with Ibiza in mind. Used on dry or wet hair, it provides the best finish for the wet hair look that’s doing the rounds on island beaches, in bars and even in nightclubs.


Extra nourishment can be achieved via the range of Color Wow Dream Cocktail leave-in treatments. They smell lush enough to stick in a straw and paper umbrella, and mixing is encouraged to create your own bespoke treatment. The Kale Infused Dream Cocktail is designed to reduce breakage by up to 50%; the Carb Infused Dream Cocktail turns lank, fine hair into a cascade of volume, leaving your hair thicker and fuller after blow-drying; and the Coconut Infused Dream Cocktail is made to bring a silky, sleek and supple texture to dry, damaged hair. Weightless, heat-activated and full of rich nutrients, use them alone or mix and match to find the perfect fit for your hair.


Color Wow Dream Coat helps to battle humidity through a heat-activated polymer created with technology normally limited to the textile industry. This magic spray covers each strand of hair in an invisible waterproofing cloak, creating a naturally sleek surface. Best of all it doesn’t build-up or weigh down your hair, and the effects can last up to three or four shampoos. Finally, those who colour their hair have an intimate knowledge of the stress-induced by roots, especially when you’re on holiday and between salon appointments. Root Cover offers eight shades of waterproof mineral powder that come in cute pocket-sized (and travel friendly) compacts. Easy to apply, the non-stick formula instantly hides grey hair, roots and gaps and lasts until your next shampoo, even if you go swimming.


When it comes to innovation, Color Wow is a tireless powerhouse, constantly on the lookout for new technologies, formulas and techniques to create trouble-free, happy locks. Fortunately for Ibiza style setters, we now have direct access to this iconic company’s formidable range and knowledge. Cut and colour, wash and style, days at the beach club or nights on the dancefloor – whatever your hair goals are, our stylists at the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay John Frieda Salon can deliver.