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Ibiza is an island that dances to its own beat – it’s a place that thrums with a palpable sense of vibrancy. From the untouched beaches of the north to the popular sunset spots in the west; to the heritage that seeps from the walls of Dalt Vila and the altogether different history that’s packed into every dancefloor – every thread of Ibiza’s diversity is tightly woven into its DNA. These elements combined are what makes the island so special – there are few tapestries like it in the world – and it’s this unique essence that inspired the collections found within the walls, on the shelves, and on the rails of our boutique, Almacén.

Located in the resort lobby, Almacén encapsulates all that’s wonderful about Ibiza. A diminutive space bursting with a collection of island-inspired treasures, the ethos behind the boutique is to capture an intricate sense of island life all in one place. Each and every piece has been carefully curated by Ibiza Bay co-founder, Jennica Arazi, who spends the off-season trawling the island, and its neighboring areas, to uncover innovative and exciting artisans. It’s not just beauty and craftsmanship that inspires her; Jennica also goes in search of compelling brand stories and then unites them under one roof alongside some of the world’s most iconic brands.

The result is a fascinating boutique that’s full to the brim with enchanting tales and the fascinating identities of the people behind the products. Take womenswear, for example, in which each of the brands showcased has a one-of-a-kind biography. There’s Ambas, a collection of sophisticated resort wear with a boho twist – designed in Italy and hand-dyed in India using 100% organic cotton –and Pampelone, a collection inspired by the Riviera that epitomizes beach to club chic. This too is made using the highest quality materials and ethically produced in India.

Then of course, are the brands with intimate links to Ibiza. Virginia Vald, for instance, epitomizes the bohemian Ad Lib style so frequently attributed to the island. There’s De La Vali, a collection designed by a young duo of islanders that consists of feminine but fierce silhouettes inspired directly by the island’s beauty and its quintessential free-spirited nature. You’ll also find Ibiza-based Mèrit Örlando at Almacén, an eco-friendly clothing and accessories designer who uses natural fibres like silk, cotton, linen and leather to create timeless pieces that are the antithesis to fast fashion.

Dig deeper and there are even more gems waiting to be uncovered. Think swimsuits by Evarae and coveted two-pieces from London-based label Hunza G. Celebrity favorite Marysia, with its hand-cut, scallop-edged swimwear, is also featured, alongside PilyQ and L*Space, the California-based brand that seamlessly hugs every kind of body type in the most luxurious but comfortable way. Iconic shoe brands also feature at Almacén; this is the place to get your hands on a pair of timeless Castañer espadrilles or a pair of stylish but oh-so-wearable Ancient Greek Sandals. Havaianas are available too because the function doesn’t always have to take precedence over form.

Kids are also well catered for at Almacén, as are men, who can choose from brands including Orlebar Brown, Riz and Love Brand & Co, which features swimwear for men and mini-me collections for the little ones – because when does matching by the pool not look good? Famed for its relaxed but chic beachside aesthetic, Love Brand & Co uses fabric made from recycled bottles and also donates a percentage of its profits to the conservation of endangered species around the world. This summer, the brand created a collection in collaboration with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to protect the island’s precious Posidonia – a unique seagrass that grows only around the Balearic Islands – which is stocked exclusively at Almacén at Ibiza Bay.

Fabulous homewares are also available at Almacén, from local brands including Can Pascual, whose candles are the epitome of perfection, and those based further afield such as Portobello Road based Katrina Phillips 99, who specializes in bespoke interior design and served as a creative design consultant at Ibiza Bay. An array of Ibiza related books can be snapped up to prop up your bookshelves once you’re back on home turf – think brightly-colored tomes like Ibiza Bohemia, recipe books by Ibiza-based cooks like Veggie Very Much, not to mention the essential Nobu Cook Book, which gives you the confidence to attempt some of our culinary magic when you’re back at home.

While it may appear petite, Almacén actually stocks absolutely everything you need for the classic Ibiza holiday. So panic not if your luggage has been lost – pop into the boutique and our friendly team are on hand to help pick out the essentials. From beachwear, sunglasses, and underwear to jewelry, handbags and toiletries – there’s everything you could possibly need. We also believe passionately in preserving our environment, so naturally, we ensured all of our cosmetics are organic and eco-friendly, bringing together brands including Ibizaloe, Isa Posidonia and Sal de Vida alongside our very own range of fabulous creams.

It’s fair to say that nothing at Almacén is disposable. There’s a tale behind every single item on our shelves and fortunately, our staff are passionate about what they stand for. That means hotel guests and visitors alike are greeted warmly and with a genuine sense of interest – whether you need advice on style, a gift, or some great reading material, they’re happy to point you in the right direction.