When it comes to design, our belief is that subtlety is key. If you’re a regular guest at Nobu Hotels across the world, you’ll know each resort has a different style and ambience. While the ethos and excellence of each property remains the same, in our eyes, it’s essential that the hotel is true to its destination. Like all good design, it should be an extension of its surroundings; it should highlight beauty in its highest form; and it should be functional, innovative and intuitive – a reflection of both the landscape it represents and our clients’ needs. All of these factors were considered in the creation of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and we believe this is what’s made it a much-loved cornerstone of the five-star island scene.

Located on the shores of Talamanca, a long stretch of sand on the east coast of the island, and just a short walk from Ibiza town and the superyachts and clubs of Marina Botafoch, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a luxurious but easygoing property that offers something for everyone.

“The hotel is emblematic of Ibiza,” explains María Puente Antón from PM Aquilab, the architectural team behind the hotel’s transformation. “It is balanced and natural, it boasts contemporary and transparent architecture and it doesn’t jar with its surroundings. A hotel building should be functional and profitable but at the same time it has to exist in perfect harmony with its environment, reflecting the beauty of its natural surroundings.”

Indeed, look closely at the design details throughout the hotel, and references to its iconic location are visible all around. The colour palette alone speaks volumes. There are whites to represent la isla blanca as Ibiza is known; turquoise and aqua to signify the translucent Mediterranean Sea, and the odd splash of gold to conjure the warmth of the Ibizan sunshine. In fact, there’s very much a feeling of merging interior with exterior, with limestone-inspired, continuous floors blending seamlessly with the outdoor decking and floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby that blur the lines between inside and out. “We want our guests to feel at home in their environment; to awaken their senses,” Antón explains.

This theme is palpable in all of our communal areas. Natural material indigenous to Ibiza like light-coloured wood beams, piedra laja stone-cut walls and typical whitewashed biriba cane ceilings sit alongside bespoke raffia lamps, macramé hanging chairs and comfortable rattan sofas all made by Spanish artisans. Meanwhile soft furnishings and ceramics take inspiration from the ever-changing colours of the water surrounding the island. It all exudes a sense or relaxed seaside chic, instantly transporting guests to a state of total holiday bliss.

The same natural palette continues through to each of the lavish bedrooms, where 80% of the rooms have sea views – a pivotal factor in the hotel’s architectural specification. Hand-painted headboards painted in bronze act as the focal points for each room, and are sandwiched by hand-blown, coloured glass lamps made especially by an artisan company on the neighbouring island of Mallorca. Elsewhere, textured woven rugs made from repurposed leather belts adorn the floor, and crisp, organic bed linen tops every ultra comfortable bed. “We wanted to create the perfect high-end, luxury villas,” explains Antón. “The idea was to create a residential feel within a hotel format that resonated with our guests and had yet to be found on Ibiza.

“The hotel meets the highest demands of comfort while still reflecting the island’s true nature,” concludes Antón. “The result is a welcoming space where guests can relax while enjoying the incredible Mediterranean textures and colours that surround them.” In terms of design: mission accomplished.