In today’s world, we’re more aware than ever of what it means to be a conscious traveller. Gone are the days when we’d span continents without considering the impact it could have, and thankfully, the environmental obliviousness associated with the past has been replaced with diligence and an overdue appreciation for the planet we live on. Nowhere is that more evident than here in Ibiza, where a number of projects have been propelled into action by the desire of both residents and visitors to make a positive impact on the island.

Here at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, we’re championing a series of initiatives designed to limit the impact our footprints leave behind. Not only do we believe it’s our duty as a hotel to impress good habits on the people who come and stay with us, but we also know we have a responsibility to protect the island that homes us. A beautiful rock in the Mediterranean Sea, blessed with fertile red soil, an abundance of pine trees and golden, sandy beaches, there’s nowhere in the world that rivals Ibiza’s distinct magic. As its residents, it should be our pleasure to look after it, and this is a message we like to extend to our guests – in making small choices, they can make a difference too.

Spearheading the charge for a cleaner, more protected island is the Ibiza Preservation Foundation, a charity at the heart of the sustainable movement. One of its primary goals is to phase out all single use plastics by 2023, and to do that, they’re educating local businesses and visitors, developing educational tools for local schools, and finding solutions that allow us to remove plastics from our everyday lives as consumers. To encourage this behavior, the local government has launched the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle campaign, which offers a free gift to members of the public who upload photos or video of people partaking in one of the tasks – easily achievable and something we can all get involved in.

Ibiza Preservation Foundation has also launched the Protect Posidonia campaign to conserve the one-of-a-kind seagrass unique to the waters around Ibiza and Formentera. These underwater meadows are thousands of years old, and they play a vital role in oxygen production, water purification and the prevention of coastal erosion. To support the cause, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay has teamed up with sustainable swimwear label Love Brand & Co to launch a series of shirts and swim shorts inspired by Posidonia, with a percentage of profits donated directly to the campaign. The collection is available to buy at our onsite boutique, Almacén and also via the Love Brand & Co website.

Additional projects overseen by Ibiza Preservation Foundation include an alliance against oil drilling, the conservation of sea horses, the preservation of Ibiza’s iconic almond groves, and the championing of local produce, all the while closely monitoring the impact of tourism, pollution and climate change on this fragile ecosystem. Ibiza lovers and island locals alike can personally get involved or go to the charity’s website for more information and to make a donation that will guarantee a longstanding difference is made on the island.

Elsewhere, there are small measures that can be taken every day while you’re holidaying on the white isle that contribute to the conservation of our environment. For starters, say no to plastic. Request your cocktail comes without a straw; buy cans or cartons that can be recycled instead of throwaway plastic bottles; bring your own tote bags, so that an afternoon shopping session in nearby Ibiza town doesn’t have to involve the use of any plastics. It might seem obvious but if you go to the beach, please take your rubbish away with you – discarded cans, cigarette butts and packaging are very quickly washed out to sea with the tide. Even better, spend 10 minutes clearing up any rubbish you see around you – you’d be amazed how much can be removed, and how much of a difference it makes on a small stretch of coastline.

Back at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and it’s kinder to the environment if you resist the desire to have your towels and sheets are cleaned everyday – in your nightstand, you’ll find a special padded cushion to place on top of the bed when you do desire a linen change to make it easy. You can also invest in eco-friendly sunscreen, to ensure you’re not damaging the surrounding seas, and when it comes to food – of which there are plenty of delectable options – go for locally sourced, seasonal options to ensure the food journey is small as it can possibly be. We say all this not to preach, but because we genuinely believe it’s all of our responsibilities to protect Ibiza, and the planet overall. And we’d like to do it with sun hats on and smiles on our faces.