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Trip to the mystical island Es Vedra

Awaken your senses

Es Vedra, the famous landmark and mysterious rock island.

The coasts of Ibiza are capricious with many bays, coves and steep rocks rising from sea. East of the island, in an uninhabited nature reserve, a number of islands are located, such as the famous landmark Isla Es Vedra, little sister island Es Vedranell and other smaller islands Espalmador and Conejaro, where according to the legend Hannibal, the conqueror, was born. Definitely worth a visit!

Due to extremely high concentrations of metals and minerals the rock island Es Vedra creates a highly magnetic field, resulting into ’3th most magnetic spot’ on the globe, that may disturb compasses in the surrounding area and also may influence more sensitive individuals. It is almost 400 meters in height, made of limestone and surrounded by many myths and legends.

• It was the island of the sirens in the Homer epics
• It was the holy island of Tanit, who came to Ibiza as Phoenician goddess of fertility and became Ibiza’s
• That specific rituals were performed and sacrifices in her honor were made on Es Vedra
• Don Francisco Palau (19th century Carmelite priest) retreated on Es Vedra for some periods, where he claims
to have experienced mystical revelations while meditating and having encountered unearthly light beings.
• People saw UFOs over the island
• Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis
• Part of Es Vedra was used to build the ancient Egyptian Pyramids
• One can make a wish as soon as the island Es Vedra comes in sight.